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    The Exhibition can be found online at http://www.miracolieucaristici.org

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    Since Carlo's death in 2006, the Exhibition has been updated as new Eucharistic Miracles around the world are confrimed

    More details about Venerable Carlo Acutis, can be found at



    www.ukmiracles.com is an information point designed to help you bring the Exhibition and accompanying resources to your Parish or School.


    It has been created by Anna Johnstone who was, for three years, (2015-2018), the Governess, in Assisi, Italy to the brother and sister of Venerable Carlo Acutis, twins who were born in 2010, four years after Carlo's death. Anna has been facilitating the hosting of this Exhibition in England since 2017, as well as giving presentations on the life and spirituality of Carlo, and on the Exhibition.


    Please scroll to General Information, at the end, to see how you can bring this Exhibition to your Parish or School.

    Schedule of the Exhibition on Tour in England

    Future bookings

    Arundel Cathedral, Corpus Christi 2019 30 key posters from the Exhibition

    Scarborough Catholic Parishes, July 2019 To be confirmed

    St Joseph's Lancaster, September 2019 To be confirmed



    Sacred Heart, Shanklin, 2 March 2019

    Adoremus, National Eucharistic Congress 2018
    Gibberd Room, Liverpool Cathedral: 7 to 9 September 2018
    St John's Kirkdale, Liverpool: 1 to 9 September 2018
    St Anselm's Dartford: 3 May to 3 June 2018
    St Joseph's Thame, Oxfordshire: 23 September to 22 October 2017
    Walsingham, Shrine: Summer 2017
    Brompton Oratory: Quarant'Ore, Corpus Christi 2017




  • Venerable CArLO ACutis, 1991-2006

    Who was Carlo?

    'The Eucharist is my motorway to heaven.'

    A future Patron Saint of the Internet?

    Carlo fell in love with Jesus and Mary, as a small child, and decided that he would go to Mass every day and pray the Rosary every day. And from the age of 7, this is exactly what he did. At the age of 11 he became a catechist in his local Italian Parish and also discovered the Eucharistic Miracle of Lanciano. Carlo was amazed by this Miracle and shocked that information about Eucharistic Miracles wasn't readily available. He decided to change this. Widely regarded as a computer genius, he designed the website www.miracolieucaristici.org, and, with the help of his parents, set about collating all the Eucharistic Miracles that have been approved by the Church. This was to take three years. Shortly after completing the project Carlo became ill with what appeared to be a virus, but which transpired to be fulminant leukaemia. Carlo died just a week later. His downloadable, online Exhibtion, rapidly spread all over the world. Carlo's progress towards Beatification has been unusually rapid, and there is talk that he will become a Patron Saint of the Internet.

    A warm hearted and generous child who was loved by his many friends

    and his many pets!

    Although Carlo was a conscientious student and studied hard, he was a normal boy, who loved football and his friends, towards whom he was ever generous with his time and in whatever other way he might help them. Carlo also loved his pets.





    A short video about Carlo can be found here


    The password is carlo







    A Johannine Spirituality

    'We can all be the 'Beloved' disciple.'

    Carlo taught that we can all be like John, the Beloved disciple, who rested his head on Jesus' chest.


    In Brief

    The view of Aquinas

    From an essay by Father Roberto Coggi, O.P.


    'Medieval theologians carefully examined the issue of
    Eucharistic Miracles (which were frequent in their day) and
    have given various interpretations; but the best founded and
    most reasonable seems to be that of St. Thomas Aquinas,
    the “Eucharistic Doctor” par excellence
    (Summa Theolgica III, q. 76, a. 8).


    He said that the Body and Blood which appear after a
    miracle are due to the transformation of the Eucharistic
    species, that is, the accidents, and do not touch the true
    substance of the Body and Blood of Christ. In other words, the
    species of bread and wine are miraculously changed into the
    species of flesh and blood; but they are not changed into the true Body and true Blood of Jesus which, even before the miracle, were hidden beneath the species of bread and wine, and which, after the miracle, continue to exist concealed beneath the species of flesh and blood.'

    Sokolka 2008

    One example of extraordinary scientific evidence

    The scientific evidence of these Eucharistic Miracles is staggering. This is one detail that stands out. At a molecular level this Eucharistic miracle of Sokolka can be observed changing from bread into human flesh. Not even the scientists at NASA could reproduce this effect.

  • GEneral information

    Most of the things you need to know in order to host the Exhibition

    Anna Johnstone

    Bringing you the Exhibition, Talks and Resources


    In 2017 Anna began to facilitate the touring of the Exhibition in England. You can simply book the Exhibition panels or enlist more help from Anna in the hosting of the Exhibition.


    'Although I'm presently based abroad again, I'm frequently back in the UK and would be happy to help you organise an Exhibition or a Eucharistic Mission that uses the Exhibition and Carlo's spirituality as a context and backdrop. From the autumn 2021 I hope to be back permanently in the UK and working full time on mission.'


    Anna is also available to give talks on the life and spirituality of Carlo Acutis and on his Eucharistic Miracles Exhibition. She has also designed a 4 session Small Group programme that can run in conjunction with the Exhibition called 'Abide in Me.'






    Mounting the Exhibition

    The Exhibition consists of about 160 posters. At present there are two sets in England; the full set and a smaller set of 60 posters. They are very easy to work with. They are very light but strong and plasticised. They measure 60cm by 80cm. Both sets contain the 20 most significant posters. This means that they include the Miracle of Lanciano and all the most recent Eucharistic Miracles.


    On both a wall and a wooden surface they attach perfectly well with blu tac, albeit you need a significant quantity of blu tac! They can also be pinned to surfaces. Double sided tape can't be used due to the need to pack the Exhibition flat in between use.


    So far hosts have wanted to mount at least some of the posters on special display panels.


    This is a picture from St Joseph's Thame which had 60 posters for 4 weeks, combining the Exhibition with 60 hours of Adoration a week.


    It is also possible to produce your own posters simply by downloading from the website www.miracolieucaristici.org These downloads are print ready. In due course more information will be added here about printing costs and specific poster recommendations for a smaller Exhibition.


    The Calendar, below, is kept up to date. The Exhibition will be loaned out on a first come, first served, basis. Please allow a few days between the end of one booking and the beginning of another one.


    Please note that if enquiries are made from outside the Parish or School context, enquiries will be made as to the safeguarding provisions for the proposed event.


    How much does it cost?

    Mounting the Exhibition

    There is no charge for borrowing the Exhibition Posters, but you need to be prepared to pay for postage or to organise the transport for collection and return. The Exhibition packs up remarkably small. The 60 posters pack tightly into a light box with dimensions 80cm by 120cm by 10cm. This fits easily into the boot of a car.


    The picture here is the Exhibition in Brompton Oratory. Here, they hired display boards for 3 days.


    Related Resources

    Films and online resources

    • Vatican Produced DVD on Venerable, Carlo Acutis, 'La mia autostrada per il Cielo.' 'My motorway to Heaven.'

    There is an English button on the DVD for English narration and subtitles.

    This is a wonderful 50 minute film. Highly recommended. See picture.

    If you are a Parish or School please send an enquiry if you would like to show this film.


    • Vatican Produced DVD on The Miracles Exhibition

    Italian version ready in 2019. English translation to follow.


    • Free Online Animation on the Catechesis of Carlo

    Please scroll down to see this film


    • Please see the two websites (scroll up). These have a wealth of information and free downloads
    • Anna has created  various flyers, handouts, prayer and invitation cards. To keep information as brief as possible here, they are not shown, but they are available, preferably on a cost of printing basis. 




  • Animation

    Carlo Acutis' catechesis on the Eucharist,

    with a focus on the Eucharistic Miracle of Lanciano.

  • diary of the exhibition on tour

  • enquiries

    If you are interested to host the Exhibition or have any other enquiries, please submit an enquiry below. Please take a moment to read the General section before sending your enquiry. Thank you

  • abide in ME

    This course was designed to run in conjunction with the Exhibition and an Adoration programme

    4 week Small Group programme; 4 sessions over 4 weeks

    Based on the Eucharistic, Marian and Lay Spirituality of Venerable, Carlo Acutis.

    Each session runs for 75 minutes (including time set aside for tea and coffee) and ends with intercessory prayer and a decade of the Rosary



    For example in Week 1

    The Eucharistic Miracles of Lanciano and Sokolka
    Reflecting on the miraculous tissue being from the Heart
    Emulating Carlo Acutis' desire to be like the John the Beloved Disciple and rest on the heart of Jesus
    Sharing our experience of Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
    Scripture reading: John 17:21-26
    Hymn: Sweet Heart of Jesus

  • Week 1

    Life as the Beloved Disciple/Part 1

    • Resting on the Heart of Jesus
    • Jesus giving us his Heart in the Eucharist

    Week 2

    Life as the Beloved Disciple/Part 2

    • Standing with John and Mary at the foot of the cross
    • Calvary and the Mass

    Week 3

    Life as child of Mary:

    • Mother of Sanctity
    • Sacrament of Reconciliation

    Week 4

    Abiding in Christ as the path to Sanctity/Fruitfulness

    • Personal abiding in Christ
    • Parish abiding in Christ
  • Eucharistic Miracles Exhibition


    St Joseph's Thame, autumn 2017

  • mission example

    St Joseph's Thame, Eucharistic Mission,

    23 September to 22 October 2017, organised by Anna Johnstone

    General Programme during the Exhibition:

    The Exhibition will be shown in the Church, the Porch and the Hall.

    Light refreshments will be provided at intervals.

    Below is an 'at a glance' schedule.

    A full, detailed diary can be found at the end of this site. (Some people find the Dairy showing continental time. Please check which time zone your calendar is showing. Sunday Masses should show 9 and 11am).

    Please be sure to refer to the daily diary before planning your visit.


    Additional Events connected to the Exhibition are as follows:


    Saturday 23rd September

    19:00 Showing of Vatican produced DVD on Venerable, Carlo Acutis


    Sunday 24th September

    17.00 Talk by Father David Hartley on Venerable Marthe Robin


    Saturday 30th September

    19.00 Talk by Anna Johnstone, Governess to Carlo's younger brother and sister, on Carlo Acutis


    Sunday 8th October

    17:00 Guided Tour of the Exhibition with afternoon tea


    Saturday 14th October

    13.30 Talk on Carlo Acutis, followed by showing of

    Vatican produced DVD on Venerable, Carlo Acutis


    Sunday 15th October

    17.00 Talk by the Sisters of the Work, Littlemore,

    with afternoon tea


    Sunday 15th October

    19.00 For Team Joseph (youngsters of the Parish) Talk on Carlo Acutis and the Exhibition, followed by showing of Vatican produced DVD on Servant of God, Carlo Acutis


    Friday 20th October

    19.00 Concluding Social Event - Fish and Chips and Entertainment - Places need to be booked due to catering


    Tuesday Evenings: Abide in Me, small group, beginning 3rd October

    Saturday Afternoons: Abide in Me, small group, beginning 7th October


    Please note that the Sacrament of Reconciliation is permanently available on request



    9:00 Mass followed by tea and coffee

    11:00 Mass followed by tea and coffee

    16.30 Rosary

    17.00 Tea and cakes

    18.00 Evening prayer and Benediction

    19:00 Close



    08.40 Morning prayer

    9:05 Mass followed by all day Adoration

    18:00 Evening prayer

    20:45 Compline*

    21:00 Close*


    * Mondays, Morning prayer at 7.40, Mass at 8:00

    * Tuesdays, the Church will close at 19:30

    Tuesdays, Parish Prayer group in Adoration, 17:00-19:00, all welcome

    * Wednesdays the Exhibition and Adoration will not be available between 15:00 and 16:00



    12:00 Monday

    15:15 Tuesday

    09.30 Wednesday

    18:30 Thursday

    15:15 Friday


    Divine Mercy

    15:00 Tuesday

    15:00 Friday



    8.40 Morning prayer

    9.05 Mass followed by Confessions and morning Adoration

    12.00 Rosary followed by close*

    17.00 Confessions

    18:00 Mass


    *The Church will remain open and the parish is open to requests by groups to retain Adoration on Saturday afternoons. Please enquire



    A format for introducing the Exhibition and the spirituality of Carlo in a parish social context.